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Welcome! Testing a new format for announcements and how to navigate the website.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Read me!

Hello loves and welcome to my new website. After many, many hours of learning how to build this site and integrate the tools I need, the studio is finally ready to make the switch from Patreon to a more user-friendly, one-stop shop platform. My goal is to make your class sign ups and resources more streamlined, straight forward, and organized. I appreciate your patience as we learn a new format together.

dance studio with mirrors and art
The cozy dance space we gather in each week

Below are some key points for navigating the new site.

How to Register

There are now more options for class sign-ups. The monthly memberships and drop-in rates are still available, and I now offer class package options for those wanting occasional drop-ins at a discount. Click the "Learn" tab at the top of my page and scroll down to the "Choose Your Pricing Plan" section. Here you will find multiple options for learning: Online Program (for those strictly learning remotely), Monthly Unlimited, Mentorship, and two 5-Class Packages. The 5-Class Packages are split into 1-hour and 90-minute class options, and are valid for 6 months. There is also the Community $5 option for those wishing to support the studio and my performance art through small monthly contributions.

The monthly membership also has an option to choose your start-date. Be sure to enter a Coupon Code on the right-hand side if you have one. As always, memberships can be canceled at any time. All sales are final.

Weekly Sign-ins

We can now use digital weekly sign-ins! This is something I have been greatly looking forward to. Once you have selected your desired format (monthly, drop-in, etc), select "Schedule" at the top of my website. This will pull up the weekly studio schedule. You can select which class(es) you'd like to attend that week by selecting the "Book" button (in purple). From here, fill out the required information (which should auto-fill if you are signed in), and select the correct option at the bottom of the page: Pay with Plan or Pay for this Session. Click the purple button at the upper right to complete your sign-up. You will receive a confirmation email, and there is an option to receive a text reminder 24-hours prior to class. You can book classes up to 30 days in advance.

This process ensures the studio does not overbook class for our small space, that liability waivers are signed and recorded, and gives me an overview of upcoming sessions so I can better tailor each class to your needs.

Please note online registration closes 1-hour prior to class.

Private Students

Scheduling private lessons follows the same guidelines above, but please select "Private Session" from either the Classes & Workshops page or the Schedule page. From here, you will be shown a calendar with available dates/times to choose from. I am still ironing out the back office details of this particular process, so there may be a few hiccups along the way. Please schedule a minimum of three days in advance, and observe the 24-hour cancellation policy.

Zoom Students

If you are joining weekly class through Zoom, please contact me directly to let me know. We've had some technical difficulties getting folks signed in, so please let me know ahead of time that you plan to attend, and then log-in to Zoom no later than 10-minutes prior to the start of class. This allows us time to work out any technical issues. Zoom room will be closed to new participants at the start of class. Updtate 10/16/23 - We no longer have a Zoom option, as it has been replaced by the Nordic Fusion Belly Dance Online program, which is on-demand.

Class Videos

There are two ways to access online class videos. You can select the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of my website (where your profile and cart are housed), then select My Programs. This will take you to the Online Programs you are already engaged in. If nothing is there, select View Our Programs and select which one(s) you'd like to access.

You can also access videos by hovering over the "Learn" tab at the top of my page, then selecting Online Programs from the drop-down menu. From here select Join for the one you'd like, and follow the prompts.

Currently the top 30 videos from Patreon are posted. I will be recording new material over the summer, with a target date of September for Level 1 Nordic Fusion Belly Dance Online Program.

Thank you!

This has been a daunting endeavor for me, as I have no IT background and sometimes feel overwhelmed working on a computer (I'm a DANCER!). A good reminder to self that we all have new things to learn, and that patience and self-determination are incredible tools for overcoming one's limitations. Thank you everyone for your patience, your feedback, and your support through this process. Switching platforms is a big process for any business, and I am grateful we have new tools to connect and learn together moving forward.

💜 Malia

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댓글 4개

2023년 6월 07일

Love the new format and website!


Rebecca K
Rebecca K
2023년 5월 30일

Looks beautiful!!


Melanie Iris
Melanie Iris
2023년 5월 25일

Great Job!!


Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis
2023년 5월 25일

I really love this new format! You have done an excellent job with web design. It's SO much easier to find things and interact with. Brava!

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