Featured in local, national, and international publications including The Columbian, The Seattle Times, The Belly Dance Chronicles, King 5 News, Belly Dance Japan, and Sequins & Shimmies, Malia Christina is the consummate performing artist.

Malia began her training in raqs sharqi, commonly known as belly dance, while studying biology at the University of Washington.  She quickly discovered a natural talent for hip articulation and rhythm recognition.  After graduating with a Bachelors of Science, she pursued a solo career in dance, drawing on her knowledge of human physiology to aid in her studies.

She has since gained recognition as an instructor, performer, and event producer.  Known for her powerful and inspiring performances, she has been featured in several highly-acclaimed shows, including Orientalia Zanzibar, Folklife Festival, and ArabFest.  She is known for her show production excellence, including shows Hathor Unveiled, Saharan Soul, SAHARA: A Belly Dance Show, and smaller community events alike. She continues to elevate and innovate dance art through local stage productions, producing the international Double Crown Belly Dance Competition, and  smaller community events alike.

Malia is a Member of the International Dance Council CID

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