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Dance Artist

A modern experience that evokes ancient roots


I have been learning, dancing, performing, costuming, teaching, choreographing, gigging, producing, and traveling all things Middle Eastern dance for over 20 years. Now I am pioneering a new style called Nordic Fusion Belly Dance, a modern experience that evokes ancient roots.

Inspired by the rich cultural world of Middle Eastern dance, my passion for movement has turned towards the exploratory; from academically pursuing Kandinsky's theory of stimmung; to intersecting my love of nature with my love of dance; to connecting the somatic/psyche/spirit and more. I seek to weave into movement that which I experience.  My dance tells stories that are simultaneously personal and collective. Rich, organic sounds. Fluid, sensuous movement. Soulful, deep connection. A visual representation of the somatic experience. My hope is to inspire you to learn, grow, and create.

I hold three formal teaching certifications from world renown master instructors, am the creative director and choreographer for Nornir Dance Company, and have a BS in Biology from the University of Washington. I've had the honor to perform for the Consul of Oman and the Minister of Culture of Tanzania. Over the years I have taught hundreds of students, directed successful dance troupes, been repeatedly selected as a competition judge, and produced stage shows elevating the art of raqs sharqi, including one held at the prestigious Seattle Art Museum. I have been featured in The Columbian, The Seattle Times, King 5 News, The Belly Dance Chronicles, Sequins & Shimmies, and graced the cover of Belly Dance Japan.


I release performance videos, filmed specifically for the digital spectator, several times a year.

In the Press

The Columbian - Belly Dance is for 'all shapes, 'all sizes'...

NW Folklife Festival – What is Zeffa?

Sequins and Shimmies – featured Artist of the Month

Belly Dance Japan – Cover model, June 2012

Orientalia Zanzibar – a featured performer for the Drug-Free Zanzibar fundraiser, July 2011

King 5 News TV – one of the featured belly dancers for World Belly Dance Day, May 2011

The Seattle Times: Hathor Unveiled – featured as co-producer of the Seattle show that honors local dance legends

The Belly Dance Chronicles – featured as co-producer for Hathor Unveiled, summer 2010 issue

Malia holds teaching certifications from internationally-renown dancers:

  - Tamalyn Dallal Teacher Training Intensive

  - Saqra Raybuck Teacher Training Intensive

  - Myra Krien SEEDs Teacher Training Intensive

Malia also has a Bachelors of Science in Biology from University of Washington and Professional Certificate of Human Resources Management from Portland State University.  She recently completed a graduate-level Independent Research Semester at Reed College, Portland OR that helped inform the direction of her artistic pursuits.

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