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"Tamalyn Style" - July 30 workshop in Camas, WA

I'm thrilled to host Tamalyn Dallal, world renknown dance artist, master instructor, filmmaker, and writer, in her first workshop in Camas!

"Tamalyn Style" includes a bit of several topics that Tamalyn would like to share from her 40+ years of experience: "Earth and Sky", "6 Points of Focus," a shimmy drill, Internal vs External movement, expressive upper body, and a bit of veil.

When: Sunday July 30, 11am-1pm

Where: Malia's Dance Studio, 228 NE 19th Ave, Camas WA 98607

Cost: $65

What to bring: hip scarf, water bottle, veil

How to register: Venmo full amount to @MaliaChristina. Space is limited.

More about Tamalyn:

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