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Tamalyn Dallal Workshop July 30

Hello everyone. This is a bit last-minute, but would you be interested in taking a workshop or two from Tamalyn Dallal on July 30? Cost would be in the $60-70 range for 2 hours. If there is enough interest she can make a trip down here from Seattle.

For those who don't know, Tamalyn was my long-time mentor in Seattle, and I taught at her dance studio for many years. She's a world-renown artist, master instructor, author, documenatry film maker, and a moving performer. She lives in New Orleans.

Ask your question

  • Yes I will sign up for one workshop

  • No, thank you

  • Yes I will sign up for two worshops

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Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis
Jul 12, 2023

I would love this! I could tell my other troupe peeps too if you need more participants?

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