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New policies posted

Good morning dancers. I am finally able to access my website again and make final touches to it. You can now find the Liability Waiver, Cancellation Policy, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy housed at the footer of my website. These provide a detailed explanation of each, and bring me into compliance for online commerce and use.

In addition, I have added a Studio Etiquette document. A few comments and concerns about class behavior, distractions, etc. have arisen. I want you to feel heard and to know that I endeavor to keep the studio environment a space where learning and creativity are primary. Creativity does not happen without learning, and learning modalities differ person to person. To ensure our space remains suitable for all of the multiple personalities that form our amazing community, please read through and abide by the following:

Studio Etiquette Updated June 7, 2023 You can help us provide a professional, nurturing, safe, and creative environment in our studio by following our studio policies.

  • Arrive prepared and on time. Dancers are expected to arrive for class on time ready to dance. Studio doors open 15 minutes prior to class. Utilize this time to put away your belongings, put on dance shoes and scarves, use the restroom, engage in personal warmups, and say hi to your friends. If you must arrive late, please enter quietly, and quickly join the dance floor in the back of class. If you will arrive more than 15-minutes late, please forgo class and join us next time.

  • Leave children and pets at home. I do not teach children younger than 15, nor do I allow outside pets in the studio. I have both a dog and a studio cat who enjoy a peaceful place to live and do not take well to outside animals. The cat may come say hi to you during class.

  • Talking during instruction: This is a distraction to the class and disrespectful to the instructor. If you have a dance question or comment, by all means ask! Most likely someone else has the same question. But please keep personal conversations with other students restricted to before and after class.

  • Cultivate a learning mindset. You are taking a dance class and paying for dance instruction. This means you are agreeing to learn new things, and possibly new ways of executing movements you are familiar with. Come to class open to learning, and curious about how the body can be manipulated in ways yet unknown to you.

  • Refrain from correcting fellow students.

  • Follow the dance instruction and refrain from deviating into your own personal dance show (no matter how good the music is).

  • Electronic devices: At the start of class these should be silenced and put away. They are not allowed during class time.

  • No street shoes on dance floors.

  • Spill-proof water bottles are recommended for all students in all classes. I also have a pitcher of fresh, filtered water available for each session.

  • No smoking in or around the premises.

  • Fragrance: Please refrain from wearing fragrance, perfumed deodorants, etc. I am highly allergic and maintain a fragrance-free studio.

  • Dress code: Wear what you're comfortable in. Wear what you love. Dress up. Dress down. Wear jingly coins. Wear minimalistic attire. Be fully covered. Be minimally covered. It's really up to you. Just please use common sense and keep your bits covered.

  • Language: This is an adult dance class. Adult language is sometimes used. Keep this in mind if you are audibly sensitive, or are uncomfortable with your older teen being exposed to this. I endeavor to keep language PG and professional, but occasionally an f-bomb sneaks out of my mouth.

  • Above all, remember you love to dance. You are here because something about this art speaks to you, and you want to cultivate it. No matter your dance level, there is always more to learn, more to express, more to explore. I love that I get to guide you on your journey.

This document is also housed at the footer of the website and can be accessed at any time. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for being part of a truly artistic, ecclectic, joyful, amazing community. I love dancing with you.


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