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I teach weekly dance classes, both online and in-person*, as well as occasional workshops and performance** courses. Classes welcome all bodies: awkward, ageless, body-positive, brand-new-never-took-a-dance-class-in-my-life, professional artists, and everyone in between.

I use Patreon as my payment platform, and it is also where I post online classes, monthly schedules, new performance videos, and schedule updates. Check out the different tiers and choose one that fits you. If you are brand new, please drop-in to the studio for a free class, or check out the online classes I've made available to the public.

Current tiers:

  • Gratitude ($1/month)

  • Early Access ($3/month)

  • Online Classes ($10/month)

  • Patron of the Arts ($15/month)

  • Camas Classes ($50/month)

  • Coaching ($85/month)

A la Carte (through Venmo or cash):

  • Drop-in ($20)

  • Additional private lesson ($60)

Classes combine Egyptian-style raqs sharqi, folkloric beledi, and fusion belly dance with eclectic music and ideas: anything from Wardruna to Lizzo to Fleetwood Mac to Metallica. Dance focus is on movement vocabulary, endurance, musicality, artistic expression, and fluidity. My hope is that with a strong foundation in technique, you can dance the way you want, letting your personal expression be front and center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

*In-studio classes require proof of Covid-19 vaccination

** Performance courses require weekly group class attendance and 4-month minimum consecutive training with Malia