Student Resource Center

This page is designed for current students as a one-stop place to get started with belly dance!

Recommended Songs for Beginning Dancers:
Leylet Hob
Bitwannes Beek
Princess of Cairo
Zay Al Hawa
Lamma Bada
Ya Ein Moulayyiten

Recommended Reading:
40 Days and 1001 Nights
The Artist’s Way
Belly Dance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, & Harem Fantasy by Anthony Say & Barbara Sellers-Young

Recommended DVDs:
Aziza’s Ultimate Bellydance Pratice Companion
Serpentine – Belly Dance with Rachel Brice :: Bellydance Technique & Yoga for Strong, Relaxed & Sinuous Movement
Arab Folk Dance: Dabke, Khaliji, Saidi & Sufi
Sensual Passion: Bellydance Secrets by Tamalyn Dallal
American Bellydance Legends

Other Dance Organizations, Articles, and Online Encyclopedias:
Belly Dance Network - Online social media community of international and local events and dancers
Articles by Morocco – dance ethnologist
Ghawazee – article about Ghawazee people and dance
Egyptian Folkloric Dancing
Shira – an online belly dance encyclopedia
Belly Dance Plus – resources for the plus-sized dancer
Raqs Vajra – Belly dance link heaven!
Every Little Girl Should Know a Belly Dancer

Belly Dance Events - Online site for international events

CID International Dance Council - United Nations of Dance UNESCO organization